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First Week of School Lunch Round-Up

We survived the first week of school! It’s a big year for us, with D, my “baby,” in kindergarten. J, my older son, is in second grade. Second grade! Craziness. This is the first year I’ll have to consistently pack two lunches each day. We’ll see how it goes! Here’s what I made for them … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 10/7-10/11

And here we are again — yet another Friday! I have a whole list of recipes I’d like to try (and write about), but this October feels like it’s whizzing by. Most nights, I’ve been turning to old standbys, but once Halloween is over, I should have enough of a lull to start cooking new … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 5/20 – 5/24

Hi, everyone! It’ll be a super short entry from me today. My sister’s getting married tomorrow, everyone’s in town, and there’s a ton going on! Exciting times. I did manage to make lunches this week, and only forgot to photograph Monday’s. So here goes: Tuesday, Jack brought roast beef slices on a hamburger bun, pear, … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 5/13 – 5/17

We’re in full crazytown mode at our house — it’s a good crazy, but with the last few weeks of the school year, my sister’s upcoming wedding (only eight more days to go!), prepping for our vacation, and busy work schedules, I haven’t put much thought into the boys’ lunches. They’re probably not worth blogging … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 5/6 – 5/10

It’s going to be another short entry this week because Jack wasn’t in school on Monday, and Derek’s not staying for lunch today. Plus this was the busiest week in recent memory, so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into the lunches. But, since there are so few weeks of lunch-making left this … Continue reading

Lunch Round Up For 4/29 – 5/2

The weekly lunch round-up is one day early this week because I won’t be packing any lunches tomorrow! Jack is going on his first overnight trip without me (sniff!): Johnny’s taking him to Louisiana to visit extended family, including both of Johnny’s grandmothers! It will be a great experience for Jack to visit his great-grandmothers and … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/22 – 4/26

At kindergarten pickup on Wednesday, one of the dads commented that there were only seven more weeks left in the school year. I couldn’t believe it! How is it that the school year has flown by this quickly? How is it that in seven weeks (fewer for us, since we’ll be leaving town for wedding-related … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/14 – 4/19

Hello, everyone! Here’s what the boys brought for lunch this week: Monday, the first day back to school after spring break, I kept it simple with a heart-shaped PB&J, strawberries and honeydew, and kettle corn in an EasyLunchbox for Jack: Tuesday, Jack’s class had a special pasta lunch brought in from the Olive Garden as … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/8 – 4/12

Jack and Derek are on spring break this week, but I enrolled Jack in a half-day Mandarin immersion camp, so I still packed lunches for him. Monday, he brought dinosaur almond butter and jam sandwiches, clementine wedges, cantaloupe, and Goldfish in an EasyLunchbox. Tuesday, Jack didn’t go to camp because we had a big playdate … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up For 4/1 – 4/5

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still in shock that a quarter of 2013 is over already. How is it April?! Didn’t we just celebrate the New Year? Anyway, here’s what the boys brought in their lunches this week: Monday was one of those “Mommy forgot to pack a lunch the day before” … Continue reading

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