Lunch Round Up For 4/29 – 5/2

The weekly lunch round-up is one day early this week because I won’t be packing any lunches tomorrow! Jack is going on his first overnight trip without me (sniff!): Johnny’s taking him to Louisiana to visit extended family, including both of Johnny’s grandmothers! It will be a great experience for Jack to visit his great-grandmothers and to get to know his aunts and cousins. I wish Derek and I were going, too, but with all the traveling we’re doing this year, it made more sense, cost-wise, for just Johnny and Jack to go. Jack’s super excited. Anyway, let’s get to the lunches, shall we?

Monday, I packed Jack two roast beef sandwiches on crescent rolls (left from breakfast), fresh pineapple chunks, and grape tomatoes in an EasyLunchbox.


Tuesday, I packed a star-shaped PB&J, navel orange sections, apple wedges, Chex Mix, and a few Skittles in a PlanetBox.


Wednesday, Jack requested salad again, so I made him a green salad with “thousand island” dressing (mixed ketchup and mayonnaise together — a nifty trick that a good friend taught me), roast beef, and tomatoes. Pineapple chunks and Goldfish crackers rounded out the meal, held in an EasyLunchbox.


Derek also stayed for lunch at preschool on Wednesday, and although he loves steamed broccoli, raw bell peppers, tomatoes, and a variety of other vegetables, you can’t get him to touch salad with a 10-foot pole. Jack used to avoid salad, too, so I’m not giving up on him yet! But, no sense in having him bring something that I’m 99% sure he wouldn’t eat, so instead, he got a roast beef sandwich on wheat bread, pineapple, and Goldfish crackers.


Today, Jack brought dino-shaped PB&Js, a hardboiled egg cut in half, sprinkled with some sea salt, apple wedges, strawberries, and one yogurt-covered cookie.



OK, I’m off to pack my big boy’s bags for his trip. It’s going to be a lovely weekend here, until Sunday, when it dips down to 68 degrees. Boo. But, I will enjoy the sun-soaked portion of the weekend with Derek, for sure!


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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.


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