TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/14 – 4/19

Hello, everyone! Here’s what the boys brought for lunch this week:

Monday, the first day back to school after spring break, I kept it simple with a heart-shaped PB&J, strawberries and honeydew, and kettle corn in an EasyLunchbox for Jack:


Tuesday, Jack’s class had a special pasta lunch brought in from the Olive Garden as their reward for raising the most money for leukemia research, so I didn’t make a lunch for him.

Wednesday’s lunch, packed in a PlanetBox, was a roast beef, lettuce and mayo sandwich on whole wheat, two Nature Valley dark chocolate and granola crisps, savory rice crackers, plum wedges, and some M&Ms for a treat.


Thursday, Jack had almond butter and strawberry jam on whole wheat, cut with my transportation puzzle sandwich mold (I believe there’s a truck, boat, race car, and regular car on there), roast beef on light saber cupcake picks, Goldfish crackers, honeydew, and a raspberry yogurt-covered cookie from Trader Joe’s.


Today, Jack’s buying school lunch, but Derek’s staying for lunch at preschool, so I made him this a roast beef and mayo sandwich on whole wheat, cucumber sticks, mini heirloom tomatoes, Goldfish crackers, watermelon, and one of those yogurt-covered cookies.


I can’t believe we’re in the home stretch for the end of the school year. I feel like time is going by too quickly; I’ll be shipping the boys off to Northwestern πŸ˜‰ before I know it. (Well, maybe they won’t both go to Northwestern. One will go to Harvard or Stanford. Totally just kidding.) Have great weekends, everyone!


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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.


2 thoughts on “TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/14 – 4/19

  1. Lunches look amazing! πŸ™‚

    Posted by bentodays | April 20, 2013, 8:05 pm

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