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Fresh Fruit Ice Pops

The weather’s warming up, which means it’s time for all sorts of fun, yummy summertime treats. I broke out my popsicle mold today to make these juice and fresh fruit ice pops that I first saw on Pinterest last year. These were a HIT with the boys! Jack actually said, “Please make these juice pops … Continue reading

Easy Strawberry Cake

To celebrate Memorial Day weekend, I’m sharing one of my favorite summer dessert recipes — Smitten Kitchen‘s Strawberry Summer Cake. My Facebook friends may remember pictures of this from my food album that was the precursor to this blog. I first made this last spring, and it’s now a favorite in our home. It combines … Continue reading

Adorable BLTs

It was so hot yesterday that I wanted to keep dinner as simple as possible, so I turned to an idea that I first saw in The Lunch Box a few months ago: bacon and lettuce sandwich quarters threaded on skewers, separated by cherry tomatoes, for the cutest BLT presentation ever. Jack helped me make … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: “Ham Sushi”

Confession time: I have a soft spot for Spam. It’s delicious in scrambled eggs, in fried rice, and of course, in Spam musubi (in other words, a sushi roll with Spam in the center). I’m pretty good with all forms of processed meat — hot dogs, cocktail wieners, etc. — but my favorite is Spam. … Continue reading

Pound Cake

I love, love, love the versatility of pound cake. It’s good on its own, with ice cream, or as breakfast (yes, as a child, I regularly had slices of Sara Lee pound cake with milk as breakfast. What? Is it any worse than a muffin or a croissant?). I’ve made a few over the years, … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Wish We Were Still On Vacation!

We’re back from a fantastic week on Kaua’i, which I’m convinced is paradise on earth. After anticipating the trip for more than a year, and the wonderful time we had with my parents-in-law, brother- and sister-in-law, and niece, it’s hard to come back to reality. Last week, I didn’t think about new recipes or blogging … Continue reading

Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups

I first tried my hand at homemade fruit leather last spring, and since then, it’s become one of my favorite snacks to make for the whole family. It’s easy, and the resulting fruit leather is sweet yet tangy, chewy and sticky, just like the fruit roll-ups at the store, but with a lot less sugar … Continue reading

Baked Kale Chips

I know I’m at least two years behind the times on this, but I’ve jumped on the make-your-own-kale-chips bandwagon. Over the weekend, I was making a list of travel-friendly snacks that wouldn’t dehydrate me, make me bloated, tack on three extra pounds in a single bite, or empty my wallet (or, gasp, do all of … Continue reading

Bananas Foster French Toast

I have found the holy grail of french toast — Steamy Kitchen’s bananas foster french toast. I’m not even that huge a fan of bananas foster, but trust me, this is good. If dessert and breakfast had a torrid one-night stand, this french toast would be their love child. The gooey, buttery bananas foster sauce … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Countdown to Hawaii!

I’m actually a bit ashamed to post this, because there are so many cool directions I could have taken this lunch, but I decided at the last minute to have Jack stay for lunch at preschool today, and there were too many other things I had to take care of to make a super-awesome lunch. … Continue reading

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