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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round Up for 9/27-9/28

Here’s what was in Jack’s snack and lunch bags the last couple of days: Thursday’s snack was, in retrospect, very monochromatic — fresh pineapple chunks and Pirate’s Booty. He loved it, though! Thursday’s lunch was an assortment of transportation-shaped PB&J sandwiches (I got this nifty sandwich cutter that uses the entire sandwich to produce several … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 9/24-9/26

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Not much time to post this morning, but I wanted to share what Jack’s brought for snack and lunch so far this week. Monday’s snack was an apple and some pretzels, so nothing to write home about. Lunch was an old favorite — make-your-own lunchables! In the bottom compartment, I used reusable … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 9/18-9/20

Wow, this week just sped by! Between back to school night, a couple of school volunteer training/info sessions, and our usual commitments, the time disappeared. Here’s what was in Jack’s snack and lunch bags from Tuesday through Thursday: Tuesday’s snack was honey wheat pretzel sticks and apple wedges, with a little container of peanut butter … Continue reading

Freezer-Friendly Slow Cooker Orange-Beef Stew

Last week, my friend Amy issued me a Saucy Mommy challenge: to feature some freezer-friendly meals that aren’t calorie-laden casseroles. I immediately turned to Google and Pinterest and saw that many recipes designated as “freezer meals” were rather heavy. Of course, a recipe doesn’t have to be designed with freezing in mind to freeze well … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch (and Snack): Monday’s Munchies

I hope everyone had great weekends! We had an intense heatwave. A hot day here (close to the ocean), even in the middle of summer, is maybe 85 degrees. And even then, it’s in the 60s during the early morning and late afternoon/evening hours. This weekend, it got to 100 degrees. Eeek! It was in … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up

Well, we made it through Jack’s first full week of kindergarten! Woo-hoo. This will be short and sweet, as I have to dash out the door to pick him up, but I wanted to post the snack and lunch from Thursday and Friday before I got caught up in the weekend frenzy. 🙂 For snack … Continue reading

Mid-Week Snack and Lunch Round-Up

In case you need a little diversion on this hump day, here’s what Jack took to school for lunch and snack the last couple of days. Tuesday’s snack was a repeat of Monday’s — honey pretzel sticks and a frozen smoothie (thawed out sufficiently by snack time) in a plastic jar, so I didn’t take … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch (and Snack): First Full Day of Kindergarten!

Jack started kindergarten last week, but the first couple of days were only three hours long, so today’s the first day he’s bringing lunch. He’s excited but a little nervous — he regularly stayed for lunch at preschool, but this is a new environment, with new potential friends, and Jack’s feeling just a bit shy. … Continue reading

Banana Oat Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

Now that Jack’s in kindergarten, I’m trying my best to make sure he has a real sit-down breakfast every morning (I’ve talked about this before, but although I love to make sumptuous weekend brunches, weekday breakfasts are my downfall as a chef/mom/person who’s otherwise into good health). Today I decided to make some muffins that … Continue reading

Snack Time: First Day of Kindergarten!

My first baby is going to kindergarten today … where did the time go?! I won’t bore you all with sappy sentimentality, but I did want to share the fun snack box I made for Jack today. (The first two days are half days, so he doesn’t start bringing lunch until Monday.) I used a … Continue reading

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