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Let’s Do Lunch (and Snack): Monday’s Munchies

I hope everyone had great weekends! We had an intense heatwave. A hot day here (close to the ocean), even in the middle of summer, is maybe 85 degrees. And even then, it’s in the 60s during the early morning and late afternoon/evening hours. This weekend, it got to 100 degrees. Eeek! It was in the 80s even at night. We hid indoors on Saturday, then escaped to the beach yesterday to cool down. Thankfully, it seems a bit cooler today.

After we returned from the beach last night, Johnny grilled out in our backyard for dinner. Earlier in the day, I’d made my grandma’s famous potato salad as a side dish for dinner. Just like I did as a child (and today), Jack loves the potato salad. I think just tonight, he ate about two cups of it, no joke. He asked for some of the leftovers in his lunch, so here’s what I packed for him in his Old Navy two-tiered bento box:

The shallower top tier has sliced golden kiwi (the boys are obsessed with golden kiwi right now!) and strawberries. The bottom tier has two roast beef sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, a silicone muffin cup filled with Jack’s beloved potato salad, and some steamed broccoli that’s been seasoned with garlic powder, a tiny bit of salt, and a drop or two of sesame oil. I also put in a tiny spoon with which to eat the potato salad.

For snack, I sent Jack with two mini chocolate chip muffins I made over the weekend, along with a silicone muffin cup filled with tangerine wedges (with a little tomato as the center of the “flower”). I also had a few bits of vanilla cookie left from the bag I’d bought at the Chinese bakery last week, so those made it in the snack box, too.

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