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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 9/18-9/20

Wow, this week just sped by! Between back to school night, a couple of school volunteer training/info sessions, and our usual commitments, the time disappeared. Here’s what was in Jack’s snack and lunch bags from Tuesday through Thursday:

Tuesday’s snack was honey wheat pretzel sticks and apple wedges, with a little container of peanut butter for dipping. And, someone always asks, so: No, I don’t do anything to prevent the apples from turning brown. I find that when enclosed in little boxes, they take much longer to turn brown — so much so that the leftover apple wedges Jack brought home at the end of the day weren’t brown. If you want, you can brush the exposed flesh with a mixture of lemon juice and water.

I was really proud of Tuesday’s lunch:

In the top tier is diced golden kiwi. The middle tier has asparagus wrapped with pork — this is something my friend Tomomi, who makes amazing food every single day, taught me a few years ago, when our kids were still toddlers. You buy shabu-style pork from the Asian market (any Japanese, Korean or Chinese market has it) — that’s paper-thin pork, the kind used in shabu shabu pots. It’s sliced so thin that it’s often sold slightly frozen, because the only way to slice it is when the meat is semi-frozen. You blanch the asparagus spears for just a few seconds in boiling water, then wrap a slice of pork around each spear, and pan-fry it. Because the pork is so thin, it only takes a minute or two to cook through. I marinated the pork in a little Korean BBQ sauce, but you could also just leave the meat plain and serve each wrapped spear with some dipping sauce — kids love dipping! The bottom tier has orange chicken left over from the previous night’s dinner, along with a little cup of homemade potato salad. And yes, Jack does eat this stuff cold. I’m lucky for now; I’m sure sooner or later, he’ll develop preferences for eating certain foods warmed up.

Wednesday was the 10th day of school, and Jack mentioned that his teacher was having a celebration in honor of the occasion, so I tried to make him a themed lunch, packed in an EasyLunchbox.

I cut a PB&J sandwich into two people shapes, with a tiny heart in between, and also used the scraps to cut a “10” (for 10th day of school). Jack was delighted and said that the “kids” were him and his BFF, Caitlin. 🙂 To wedge the sandwiches in the compartment, I used pretzel rods. The two smaller compartments are filled with golden kiwi and plum. (Seriously, Jack is in love with golden kiwis right now. He keeps asking for them!)

Wednesday’s snack was a smoothie and Goldfish, so I didn’t take a picture of it.

Yesterday, Jack asked for spam sushi, so I complied. I rounded out the lunch with sliced yellow bell pepper and cucumbers, and the fruit course consists of diced fresh pineapple and tangerine wedges. Yum!

Snack was Ritz crackers and a sliced plum, so I didn’t take a picture of it (really quite unexciting to look at ;)).

For snack today, Jack brought a smoothie (frozen overnight; thaws out by morning snacktime. He just opens the lid and drinks it with a straw), crackers and giraffe-shaped cheese, and tangerine wedges.

No lunch picture for Jack, because he’s buying lunch for the first time today! It’s pizza day, so he’s quite excited. I wonder what he’ll think of cafeteria pizza? I explained to him that it wasn’t the margherita pizza he loves. We’ll see!

Now, something really exciting (well, for me; probably not for anyone else!): Derek’s first school lunch! He’s staying after preschool for lunch today. At our school, you can choose to have your child stay for lunch and pay an extra $5 an hour after the regular preschool morning ends at noon (you can pick them up your child before 4:30 p.m.). It’s very convenient on days when I have to be somewhere and am worried that I can’t make it back by noon. Derek’s been asking if he could stay for lunch like Jack. When I showed him this lunch (dinosaur PB&Js, veggies, fruit and Goldfish), he was super excited and jumped up and down. 🙂

Yes, I know that’s a ton of food for a three-year-old, but it’s all stuff he loves, and he’s so hungry after preschool that he often devours lunch. There are some nights when he eats more than Jack does! I wonder where it all goes; I guess moving around all day long (and being a human honey badger* ;)) burns up a ton of calories!

*If you choose to click the honey badger link, you should know that the video contains profanity and is not work- or kid-appropriate! It wouldn’t be nearly as funny without the narration, though, so don’t try watching it without the volume on. When my sister showed me the video last year, we both agreed that if we had to choose an animal to represent Derek, it would be the honey badger for sure.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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2 thoughts on “TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 9/18-9/20

  1. Colorful & yummy!!! 😀

    Posted by Tomomi | September 25, 2012, 6:44 pm

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