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Let’s Do Lunch: Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 9/24-9/26

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Not much time to post this morning, but I wanted to share what Jack’s brought for snack and lunch so far this week.

Monday’s snack was an apple and some pretzels, so nothing to write home about. Lunch was an old favorite — make-your-own lunchables!

In the bottom compartment, I used reusable silicone muffin cups to pack Ritz crackers, cheese slices (with the top four slices cut into the shape of a bear), and rolled-up roast beef slices. I also wedged some baby heirloom tomatoes in the empty spaces around the muffin cups. The top tier holds plum wedges.

Tuesday’s snack was a smoothie and some Pirate’s Booty. Lunch was leftover Spam fried rice (YUM), warmed up in the morning and packed into a Thermos, and a container of cut-up strawberries and golden kiwi.

Today’s snack is some plain lowfat yogurt mixed with homemade strawberry jam, and a little container of Honey Bunches of Oats that Jack can sprinkle on the yogurt.

Jack’s class is learning about different types of trees and fall foliage this week (not that there’s much fall foliage to be seen here! ;)), so I made his lunch, packed in an EasyLunchbox, semi-autumn-themed:

In the big compartment, we have a pumpkin-shaped PB&J. The yellow container sandwich scraps cut with tiny cookie cutters in the shapes of fall leaves and an acorn (yes, I know, it’s really hard to tell, but Jack bought into it!). There was an awkward space left in the compartment, so I filled it with a tiny cup of raisins. The other compartments hold tangerine wedges and Goldfish. Not really fall-themed, but they’re orange. I refuse to get into full-on Halloween mode until October 1, but just you wait — next week, we’ll have fall lunches galore!

I apologize for lack of “real” recipes lately. I’ve picked up two new tutoring students (hooray!), and we’ve had a lot going on the last few weekends (all fun stuff, but tiring nonetheless), so I’ve been relying on old standbys instead of trying new dishes lately. I did promise to write more about my sugar- and refined carb-free experiment. Since I don’t know when I’ll get around to a detailed write-up, I’ll quickly say that I really liked how I felt without those elements in my diet. My skin did improve; it wasn’t drastic, but I noticed a difference. I didn’t set out to lose weight (it wasn’t about that, and I didn’t cut calories), and I didn’t lose any, aside from the few pounds I gained while on vacation. By far the biggest boon was that I felt very lean and very efficient/powerful during my workouts. I noticed that I had more stamina and could do difficult workouts (like my Insanity DVDs!) with ease. Well, with relative ease, anyway. I don’t think anyone does Insanity “with ease.” 😉 There was just a lot less tummy bloat, too. Since my experiment ended a couple of weeks ago, I’ve tried to keep it up when I’m home, but not when we’re out. We’ve been out a lot, though, with my birthday approaching and my brother-in-law’s birthday this past weekend. After my 26th birthday (HA! I WISH!) this weekend, I may do another two-week round just to detox!


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