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Frozen Yogurt Dots

Last week, my friend Jenn K. (the one who sent me one of my favorite recipes ever, the kale and two-bean soup) told me about something she’d seen on Pinterest — frozen yogurt dots. You put yogurt, any flavor, into a disposable icing bag or plastic zip-top bag with a corner snipped off, squeeze dots … Continue reading

Cute Yogurt “Tweet”

Banana-and-fruit-leather birds on top of “homemade” strawberry yogurt The other day, the boys asked me for a dessert after lunch. I’m all for treats, but I didn’t want to jeopardize naptime by giving them something with sugar in it. So, I jazzed up my old standby of “homemade” (or at least, home-mixed) strawberry yogurt with some … Continue reading

Saucy Mommy