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Kale, Turkey Sausage, and Tomato Medley

I rarely make up my own recipes, preferring instead to improvise on existing recipes, but while I was traveling back from Michigan, I started to crave kale, particularly sautéed kale. It was probably thanks to the lackluster airport food we were faced with that day. 😉 When we got home, I went to the grocery … Continue reading

Lasagna Rolls

Over the weekend, I made lasagna rolls, and they were a huge hit with Johnny and the boys. I was craving lasagna, but I didn’t want to make a huge pan of it when we weren’t expecting any guests. Whenever I make lasagna for just the four of us, I always end up throwing a … Continue reading

Pasta With Italian Turkey Sausage, Escarole and Beans

Today’s entry is, like the kalua pork and broccoli and cheese pasta from last week, courtesy of Skinnytaste. Yes, I’m still obsessed with it, and plan to make at least a dozen more recipes from that blog. 🙂 This pasta with Italian sausage, escarole and beans was a huge hit with Johnny and the boys. … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Pizza

This Valentine’s Day pizza is yet another idea from the awesome blog Cute Food For Kids (seriously, she’s so prolific, and everything she makes looks amazing). All you need are ready-to-bake pizza crusts (such as Boboli’s), pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni slices. It also helps to have the ability to strategically place the pepperoni … Continue reading

Amazingly Delicious and Easy Meal: Curried Turkey Hand Pies

As promised, I’m interrupting our recent string of sweets-related posts to write about a delicious, easy, infinitely variable recipe that will serve you well year-round. You can make and freeze it ahead of time for a breezy dinner in the future, and, if you want, you can use leftovers from your holiday meal while making … Continue reading

GUEST POST! Good Eats Roast Turkey

I’m pleased as punch to introduce our second guest blogger, my friend Jenn. I met Jenn almost 10 years ago, during my senior year of college, when she joined my sorority (Delta Zeta, for those of you who are curious) as a freshman. Despite having only one year of overlap in school, Jenn and I … Continue reading

Healthy, Flavorful, Easy Dinner: Italian Sausage Soup

Happy Halloween, everyone! Tonight was one of those nights where dinner needed to be quick and easy but also healthy (to counteract all the candy to be consumed afterward!). Not only did we have trick-or-treating on the agenda, but it was also a Tae Kwon Do day, which cut out even more of my dinner prep … Continue reading

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