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Adorable Oreo Turkeys

Recently, I was looking for a cute, fun Thanksgiving treat to make for the kids. You all know I’m a fan of cake pops, but since I’m going to do the reindeer ones again for Christmas, I wanted to do something a bit easier. I decided on these adorable Oreo turkeys from Our Best Bites. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Round-Up

I really should be packing, but since I won’t be posting again until after the weekend, I wanted to pull together a quick round-up of all my posts about Thanksgiving. (In future years, there will be more.) You could click here for all of the Thanksgiving-tagged posts, or just click on whatever piques your interest … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Thanksgiving Travel-Themed Bento

Jack’s super excited about our upcoming trip to Texas for Thanksgiving, so I made him a Thanksgiving travel-themed lunch for tomorrow. It’s not one of my best ones (I’ve got so much to pull together before we leave, and I have to meet some deadlines for stuff that I promised my tutoring students), but it’s … Continue reading

Gobble, Gobble: Whimsical Quesadilla Lunch

Yesterday, I saw this adorable Thanksgiving-themed bento featured on the Easylunchboxes Facebook page, and I couldn’t resist copying it. I didn’t see this in time for Jack’s weekly at-school lunch day, and we’re traveling most of next week, so I just made a plated version. Cute, right? (If I do say so myself!) The “turkey … Continue reading

Travel Snack Boxes

A week from now, we’ll be en route to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and Johnny’s grandmother. (How is it that Thanksgiving sneaks up on me every year?) I’m looking forward to the down time with family — my in-laws are pretty amazing, and this trip is also a rare chance for the … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie

What better way to follow up Jenn’s wonderful guest post on the perfect Thanksgiving turkey than an entry about pumpkin pie? No traditional Thanksgiving dessert lineup is complete without pumpkin pie, after all. And yes, store-bought is fine, even delicious, but there’s something comforting about making a pie, and buying it from the store doesn’t … Continue reading

GUEST POST! Good Eats Roast Turkey

I’m pleased as punch to introduce our second guest blogger, my friend Jenn. I met Jenn almost 10 years ago, during my senior year of college, when she joined my sorority (Delta Zeta, for those of you who are curious) as a freshman. Despite having only one year of overlap in school, Jenn and I … Continue reading

GUEST POST! Absolutely Perfect Pumpkin Bread

I’m super excited to introduce Saucy Mommy’s first guest blogger, my awesome friend Ann (yes, of monkey bread fame), who is a fellow mom of two young boys. I got to know Ann through a message board for moms of babies born in July 2007 (the month in which my older son and her younger … Continue reading

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