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Homemade Fruit-Filled Strawberry Bars

Hi, everyone! I’m back after a very long break from blogging. Life got so busy that blogging fell to the wayside (largely because I was either not home or preoccupied during prime daylight hours, when the lighting is most flattering for amateur food pics!), but I found myself thinking about the blog all the time, … Continue reading

Lunch Round Up For 4/29 – 5/2

The weekly lunch round-up is one day early this week because I won’t be packing any lunches tomorrow! Jack is going on his first overnight trip without me (sniff!): Johnny’s taking him to Louisiana to visit extended family, including both of Johnny’s grandmothers! It will be a great experience for Jack to visit his great-grandmothers and … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 4/22 – 4/26

At kindergarten pickup on Wednesday, one of the dads commented that there were only seven more weeks left in the school year. I couldn’t believe it! How is it that the school year has flown by this quickly? How is it that in seven weeks (fewer for us, since we’ll be leaving town for wedding-related … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up for 3/25 – 3/29

Hi, everyone! Here’s what the boys had in their lunch boxes this week: Monday, Jack brought a bunny-shaped sandwich surrounded by baby carrots, strawberries, pretzels, mangoes (with a rabbit pick), and M&Ms in his PlanetBox. Tuesday, Jack brought some leftover fried rice in a Thermos, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops! … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up For 2/12 – 2/15

We had a short week, thanks to one of two consecutive President’s Day holiday Mondays, so there are only four lunches to show you. 🙂 Tuesday, Jack brought two ham and cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, a handful of grape tomatoes, Snapea Crisps, apple wedges, tangerines, blueberries, and a few chocolate-covered rice krispies in his … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch Round-Up For 2/4 – 2/8

Here’s what the boys brought for lunch this week: Monday, Jack requested the same lunch I’d packed for Derek the previous Friday, so I made him a very similar picnic lunch, packed in our PlanetBox: Ritz crackers, salami threaded on a cupcake pick, cheddar cheese, yellow cherry tomatoes, Pirate Booty, fruit, and a Hershey’s Kiss … Continue reading

Strawberry Lovebugs

The other night, I was casting about Pinterest for some cute Valentine’s Day treats and came across these adorable strawberry and chocolate ladybugs from Wing It Vegan. Hers are way cuter than mine, but I thought these turned out pretty well, anyway, especially for my first attempt!  I guess I could have waited for the second … Continue reading

TGIF! Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 1/7-1/11

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, filled with fun times with family and friends. I took a nice, long break from blogging during the boys’ winter break. We went to Zion National Park with my in-laws over Christmas and had a fantastic time soaking in the gorgeous scenery. Then it … Continue reading

TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round Up for 9/27-9/28

Here’s what was in Jack’s snack and lunch bags the last couple of days: Thursday’s snack was, in retrospect, very monochromatic — fresh pineapple chunks and Pirate’s Booty. He loved it, though! Thursday’s lunch was an assortment of transportation-shaped PB&J sandwiches (I got this nifty sandwich cutter that uses the entire sandwich to produce several … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch (and Snack): First Full Day of Kindergarten!

Jack started kindergarten last week, but the first couple of days were only three hours long, so today’s the first day he’s bringing lunch. He’s excited but a little nervous — he regularly stayed for lunch at preschool, but this is a new environment, with new potential friends, and Jack’s feeling just a bit shy. … Continue reading

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