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Kale, Turkey Sausage, and Tomato Medley

I rarely make up my own recipes, preferring instead to improvise on existing recipes, but while I was traveling back from Michigan, I started to crave kale, particularly sautéed kale. It was probably thanks to the lackluster airport food we were faced with that day. 😉 When we got home, I went to the grocery … Continue reading

Mid-Week Snack and Lunch Round-Up

In case you need a little diversion on this hump day, here’s what Jack took to school for lunch and snack the last couple of days. Tuesday’s snack was a repeat of Monday’s — honey pretzel sticks and a frozen smoothie (thawed out sufficiently by snack time) in a plastic jar, so I didn’t take … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Under the Sea Bento Box

Yesterday, my mom made us a huge batch of delicious fried rice with shrimp, ham, diced asparagus and scrambled egg. I have to say, it’s awesome to have my mom living fewer than three miles away. Not only does she often bring amazing food to us, but she also comes over every weekday around dinnertime … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Bentos for Everyone!

I’m headed to another marathon Saturday of tutoring (the SAT I storm has abated, but college application season is upon us), so I made bentos for everyone to make the lunchtime routine easier in my absence. This says nothing about my husband’s ability to handle the pandemonium that accompanies every meal in our household, and … Continue reading

Japanese Curry with Chicken and Vegetables

Japanese curry with chicken and veggies If I had to eat the same entree at every dinner for the rest of my life, I think I would choose to have Japanese curry with rice. Japanese curry is milder and sweeter than most Indian curries (but still very flavorful), goes well over rice or noodles, is … Continue reading

Stir Fry Night: Pork and Bell Peppers; Cucumbers and Eggs

My family hails from Taiwan, and growing up, I was lucky enough to have my grandma (we called her “Ah-Ma”) living with my family. Every night, she made a table full of authentic Taiwanese dishes. I wish I could say that I’m an excellent cook of Taiwanese and Chinese food as well, but unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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