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Kettle Corn

Ever since I made zebra popcorn, I’ve been obsessed with popping corn on the stove and making my own yummy flavored popcorn. All of my previous popcorn-at-home experience has been with microwaveable bags, and I had no idea that stovetop-popped corn is so much more delicious! So far, I’ve made buttered popcorn, garlic butter popcorn, … Continue reading

Sweetheart Popcorn

At my niece’s birthday party back in November, I had some zebra popcorn for the first time in years. For those who are unfamiliar with this delectable treat, zebra popcorn is caramel corn drizzled with dark and white chocolate. It is so addictive. Since then, I’ve wanted to make some. When I saw this delicious-looking and easy zebra … Continue reading

Saucy Mommy