Nori Punches

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Let’s Do Lunch: Bentos for Everyone!

I’m headed to another marathon Saturday of tutoring (the SAT I storm has abated, but college application season is upon us), so I made bentos for everyone to make the lunchtime routine easier in my absence. This says nothing about my husband’s ability to handle the pandemonium that accompanies every meal in our household, and … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Kid and Grown-Up Bentos

Jack has chosen (quite emphatically, I might add)¬†Tuesday as his stay-for-lunch day at school this week, so I made¬†this bento box for him while I was prepping dinner this afternoon. This is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. Jack’s lunch: Onigiri with seaweed “expressions” (made with nori punches), grape tomatoes, orange pepper strips, and graham crackers … Continue reading

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