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Spaghetti and Hot Dog Sea Creatures

Earlier this week, to Jack and Derek’s delight, I made them some spaghetti and hot dog sea creatures for dinner. I realize hot dogs aren’t exactly healthy, but sometimes (especially in the summer!) you just need to offer up a meal that’s fun and sure to be a hit. Plus, these are so easy to … Continue reading

Garden Pasta Salad With Roasted Chicken

After a spate of entries about indulgent desserts, it was high time I wrote about a healthy recipe. I whipped up this garden pasta salad with chicken from Family Fun yesterday, and it was a hit with the whole family. This is easy to put together and makes plenty of leftovers for lunches or an … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef

I made this super easy slow cooker mongolian beef the other night, and boy, do I wish there were a way of transmitting fragrances via the Internet. There’s just no way to describe how good my house smelled while this was simmering in the slow cooker, and the resulting dish tasted just as great: tender … Continue reading

Marvelous Meatballs and 3-Ingredient Spaghetti Sauce

Last month, while looking for a savory brunch dish to feed a crowd, I came across this breakfast casserole recipe on The Merlin Menu. I made the casserole (I’ll write about that another time), and it turned out so well that I perused the blog for other recipes. Lots of entries piqued my interest (I … Continue reading

Rotini With Petite Peas and Parmigiano-Reggiano; Caprese Salad

We’re not a vegetarian family, but we do love our produce, and occasionally, I feel like cleansing our palates with a refreshing vegetarian meal. So, tonight, I made a version of the Orecchietti With Peas and Onions recipe from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home, with caprese salad on the side. Making this meal took a … Continue reading

Udon Swamp Lady

A quick, healthy, silly dinner: Udon swamp lady! Wednesday afternoons are a bit of a fire drill around here. After preschool pick up, lunch, nap/quiet time and Tae Kwon Do, it’s 5:15 p.m., which means I have an hour and 15 minutes before the sitter arrives so that I can meet my student at the … Continue reading

Cellophane Noodle Salad with Roast Pork (from Smitten Kitchen)

Over the summer, I came across this recipe for cellophane noodle salad with roast pork at Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite food blogs. It called out to me right away because a) I love cellophane noodles (also called “mung bean noodles” or “vermicelli”), b) Asian-style roast pork with a slightly sweet glaze is a … Continue reading

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