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Banana Oat Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

Now that Jack’s in kindergarten, I’m trying my best to make sure he has a real sit-down breakfast every morning (I’ve talked about this before, but although I love to make sumptuous weekend brunches, weekday breakfasts are my downfall as a chef/mom/person who’s otherwise into good health). Today I decided to make some muffins that … Continue reading

Best-Ever Blueberry Muffins

Eight years ago, my friend Meghan gave me a copy of The Best Recipe as part of an apartment-warming gift. It is, by far, my favorite, most-used cookbook. Written by the people behind America’s Test Kitchen, the book not only provides recipes for more than 1,000 dishes (both staples and fancier fare) but also discusses why the final … Continue reading

Saucy Mommy