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Mummy Dogs

A couple of days ago, my friend Jennell (of Oreo monkey muffins fame) sent me the link for these Weelicious mummy dogs. She said she thought I’d like them, and she was totally right. These are easy, fun and cute — what’s not to love? I didn’t follow the original recipe exactly, but it’s pretty … Continue reading

Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops

I’ll just come right out and say it: Making cake pops, those adorably decorated candy-coated cake-and-frosting balls on sticks made famous by Bakerella, can feel like a colossal waste of time. They are just about the only thing I make where I question whether the taste is justified by the effort. Don’t  get me wrong … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Halloween-Themed Bento Box

My four-year-old son, Jack, goes to preschool five mornings a week. Before the school year started, he asked if he could stay for lunch one day a week so that he could play more with his best friend, who is in the extended day program. I agreed, and now I have the pleasure of making … Continue reading

Saucy Mommy