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Cute Easter Centerpiece

For the past few Easters, I’ve seen pictures floating around the Internet of adorable centerpieces where there are somehow Peeps and jellybeans in a vase of tulips. Not being very creative at heart, I had no idea how Peeps and tulips could be in a vase of fresh flowers without getting completely soggy, but a … Continue reading

Easter-Themed Pretzel Treats

Just a quick post to share the Easter-themed pretzel treats I made last night. These are the same as the Christmas pretzel treats I made a few months ago (click on the bold text to be taken to the recipe), except I used pastel-colored M&Ms instead of red and green ones. By the way, how … Continue reading

Let’s Do Lunch: Hop To It!

Easter’s only five days away, so of course I had to send Jack to school with a bunny-themed lunch today. I totally copied the Hoppy Friday lunch from Keeley McGuire, who always makes beautiful lunches for her daughter (thank you for the inspiration, Keeley!). Mine didn’t turn out as nicely, but Jack could tell they … Continue reading

Easter Cookie Pops

What’s the only way to improve on the perfect sugar cookie? Put it on a stick, of course! I’m of the mind that anything tastes better on a stick — hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, pickles, frozen treats — and cookies are no exception. (I really should get this cookbook.) For our Easter brunch, I’m planning … Continue reading

Adorable Deviled Eggs

When I saw these absolutely adorable deviled eggs on Pinterest a while back, I literally squealed in delight. Last Easter, I made deviled eggs and gave them eyes and a beak with capers and pimiento, but they were in the traditional deviled egg configuration — cut in half the long way. I would have never … Continue reading

No-Dye Glittery Easter Eggs

How cute are these glittery polka dot Easter eggs? The idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens and is genius in its simplicity: affix double-sided glue dots to hardboiled eggs, roll them around in some glitter, and voila! Festive Easter eggs that don’t require any dye. This is also fun to do with the kids. … Continue reading

Pretzel Chicks

As promised in last week’s bunny pretzels entry, I gave the chick versions a whirl. These turned out much better, probably because they only required me to draw a black dot for an eye. 😉 I think I’ll make these for one of the tiers on my Easter sweets tower. Pretzel Chicks Ingredients Twist pretzels … Continue reading

Bunny Pretzels

It’s March, which means it’s officially time to begin testing Easter recipes! Although I don’t attach the emotional significance to Easter that I do to Christmas, there isn’t a better opportunity to make adorable food. In the age of Pinterest, there’s truly no limit to the number of great ideas and recipes, so consider yourselves … Continue reading

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

When I saw a picture of cheesecake-stuffed strawberries on Pinterest the other day, I knew I had to make them. Succulent strawberries filled with sweetened cream cheese and topped with graham cracker crumbs — what’s not to love? They’re adorable, require only five ingredients, and are a snap to put together. These may very well … Continue reading

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