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Sweetheart Popcorn

At my niece’s birthday party back in November, I had some zebra popcorn for the first time in years. For those who are unfamiliar with this delectable treat, zebra popcorn is caramel corn drizzled with dark and white chocolate. It is so addictive. Since then, I’ve wanted to make some. When I saw this delicious-looking and easy zebra … Continue reading

Strawberry Lovebugs

The other night, I was casting about Pinterest for some cute Valentine’s Day treats and came across these adorable strawberry and chocolate ladybugs from Wing It Vegan. Hers are way cuter than mine, but I thought these turned out pretty well, anyway, especially for my first attempt!  I guess I could have waited for the second … Continue reading

Banana Oat Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

Now that Jack’s in kindergarten, I’m trying my best to make sure he has a real sit-down breakfast every morning (I’ve talked about this before, but although I love to make sumptuous weekend brunches, weekday breakfasts are my downfall as a chef/mom/person who’s otherwise into good health). Today I decided to make some muffins that … Continue reading

Oreo Cookie Cake

My husband, Johnny, turns 32 tomorrow, and his only request was an Oreo birthday cake. I can’t overstate the intensity of Johnny’s love for Oreos. Last year, I finally acquiesced to his five-year-long campaign for me to make homemade Oreo cookies (they turned out pretty well!). Since then, I’ve made other Oreo-themed desserts (including a … Continue reading

Easter-Themed Pretzel Treats

Just a quick post to share the Easter-themed pretzel treats I made last night. These are the same as the Christmas pretzel treats I made a few months ago (click on the bold text to be taken to the recipe), except I used pastel-colored M&Ms instead of red and green ones. By the way, how … Continue reading

Pretzel Chicks

As promised in last week’s bunny pretzels entry, I gave the chick versions a whirl. These turned out much better, probably because they only required me to draw a black dot for an eye. 😉 I think I’ll make these for one of the tiers on my Easter sweets tower. Pretzel Chicks Ingredients Twist pretzels … Continue reading

Chocolate-Dipped Valentine’s Day Cookies

OK, so maybe I cheated a bit with these — they’re actually the same sugar cookie recipe I posted around Christmas, just cut into heart shapes, dipped in chocolate and adorned with sprinkles. But, I figured, why mess with an awesome cookie recipe? (Also, I’m feeling somewhat lazy this week.) These are easy, cute and … Continue reading

Scrumptious AND Healthy: Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”

Yesterday, I made a delicious, easy yet completely guilt-free dessert that I saw on Pinterest: chocolate banana “ice cream.” I admit the picture above doesn’t do it justice — it’s not that appealing when something looks like the byproduct of the digestive system — but you must try it. (In my defense, it’s hard to … Continue reading

Santa Hat Brownie Bites

Last week, my friends Jolene and Emily independently sent me this recipe for Santa hat brownie bites — literally, I received their emails within minutes of each other. I love it when my friends think of me upon seeing cute food! Anyway, both lovely ladies were right — as soon as I saw the adorable … Continue reading

Edible Gifts Round-Up: Gift Baskets!

So the reason I’ve been publishing a torrent of edible gift posts is because, for most parents, the last day of preschool before winter break is Friday, December 16, and I wanted to give people plenty of time to consider ideas, purchase ingredients and make the gifts. After a whirlwind of making all the goodies … Continue reading

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