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Homemade Fruit-Filled Strawberry Bars

Hi, everyone! I’m back after a very long break from blogging. Life got so busy that blogging fell to the wayside (largely because I was either not home or preoccupied during prime daylight hours, when the lighting is most flattering for amateur food pics!), but I found myself thinking about the blog all the time, … Continue reading


I’d never heard of popovers until college, when Johnny and I were dating. While we were visiting his parents one time, his mom (my future mother-in-law!) made them for breakfast. I instantly fell in love with these airy delights — crispy on the outside, soft and a bit custardy on the inside, with a big … Continue reading

Light and Fluffy Spinach Quiche

I’ve been meaning to write about this recipe for a long time, but I have such a backlog of potential blog entries that it’s taken me until now, the fourth time making this quiche, to do it! A while back, my friend Shelly posted a delicious-looking spinach and feta quiche recipe. She had found the … Continue reading

Banana Oat Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

Now that Jack’s in kindergarten, I’m trying my best to make sure he has a real sit-down breakfast every morning (I’ve talked about this before, but although I love to make sumptuous weekend brunches, weekday breakfasts are my downfall as a chef/mom/person who’s otherwise into good health). Today I decided to make some muffins that … Continue reading

Bananas Foster French Toast

I have found the holy grail of french toast — Steamy Kitchen’s bananas foster french toast. I’m not even that huge a fan of bananas foster, but trust me, this is good. If dessert and breakfast had a torrid one-night stand, this french toast would be their love child. The gooey, buttery bananas foster sauce … Continue reading

Creamy Quinoa with Brown Sugar and Fruit

When our friend Christina was visiting last month, she mentioned that she sometimes makes a yummy quinoa dish with fruit for breakfast. At the time, I had never heard of using quinoa for a sweet breakfast dish — I was only accustomed to it as an ingredient for savory sides or entrees for lunch or … Continue reading

Fun, Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I know I just wrote about another egg-themed breakfast idea, but this one’s even easier, and sure to be a hit with the kids (or kids at heart) for Valentine’s Day. It’s a heart-shaped egg-in-frame (or toad-in-the-hole, whatever you want to call it): an egg cooked in a hole cut out of a piece of … Continue reading

Easy Breakfast: Sausage and Spinach Frittata

Today, I made a sausage and spinach frittata from The Lunch Box, a fun cookbook that my friend Michelle sent me last week (if you missed it, check out the nutty cereal balls — they also came from the same book). Mornings are always hectic at our house, so I’m a huge fan of breakfasts … Continue reading

Finnish Pancake

It’s been crazy busy (in a good way) around here, what with all the food to prepare for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but I wanted to pop in to share a delightful, somewhat unusual breakfast option that’s perfect for the holidays. This Finnish pancake recipe comes courtesy of Kris Baker, a close family friend … Continue reading

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

I’m a fairly competent baker, turning out pie crusts, quick breads, cookies, muffins, tarts, quiches and more with aplomb, but the art of making yeast breads eludes me. There are a number of reasons — yeast can be quite temperamental (sometimes frothing properly; other times not), the dough requires a long time to rise, and, … Continue reading

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