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East Meets West: Furikake Chex Mix

It’s December, which means I’ve now entered into full-on gift basket mode! You may recall the Christmas gift baskets I made last year; I still love the collection of reindeer Oreo pops, hot cocoa mix, chocolate stirring spoons, pretzel treats and banana bread, so I don’t intend to change things up too much this year. … Continue reading

Roasted Five Spice Chicken Legs

I try not to write about two similar dishes in a row, but I can’t resist featuring these roasted five spice chicken legs from Skinnytaste even though I’ve already written about an Asian-inspired meat entree this week. These chicken legs were a snap to prepare, made my house smell heavenly, and at only 295 servings … Continue reading

Asian Flank Steak Skewers

I don’t know about everyone else, but we’re in serious detox mode here after our Easter weekend indulgences (plus, our trip to Kauai is only four weeks away!). So, last night’s Asian flank steak skewers came courtesy of Skinnytaste, one of my favorite food blogs — so far, everything I’ve made from there (including the … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

Nearly eight years ago, my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, splitting the week between Lahaina and Hana on Maui. It was an amazing time — there were were, so young (barely 24! Actually, I was still 23), so carefree, giddily and newly married, with nothing on our agendas except to eat, drink, … Continue reading

Warm Shrimp and Pasta Salad

Today, I have another recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens New Dieters Cookbook, the source of my surprisingly popular Polenta With Sausage and Vegetables post. Like that dish, this meal is satisfying and filling while clocking in at a reasonable calorie count (415 per generously-sized portion). If you’re OK with shrimp, this one will … Continue reading

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

I’ll admit it: I love sweet and sour chicken. As much as I cringe to think of standard takeout fare representing true Chinese food (which is wonderfully varied and embraces many different spices, flavors, meats, vegetables and cooking styles), it is also something I enjoy. Sometimes, I just get a hankering for a carton of … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef

I made this super easy slow cooker mongolian beef the other night, and boy, do I wish there were a way of transmitting fragrances via the Internet. There’s just no way to describe how good my house smelled while this was simmering in the slow cooker, and the resulting dish tasted just as great: tender … Continue reading

Kabocha Squash Stuffed With Chinese-Style Spare Ribs

I’ve been going to Chinese restaurants with my parents since I could remember, and nothing they’ve ever ordered has been printed on the menu. I think the printed menu’s meant only for the non-Chinese patrons. 😉 (Don’t get me wrong, I love me some orange chicken, broccoli with beef and lo mein, but real Chinese food goes … Continue reading

Japanese Curry with Chicken and Vegetables

Japanese curry with chicken and veggies If I had to eat the same entree at every dinner for the rest of my life, I think I would choose to have Japanese curry with rice. Japanese curry is milder and sweeter than most Indian curries (but still very flavorful), goes well over rice or noodles, is … Continue reading

Stir Fry Night: Pork and Bell Peppers; Cucumbers and Eggs

My family hails from Taiwan, and growing up, I was lucky enough to have my grandma (we called her “Ah-Ma”) living with my family. Every night, she made a table full of authentic Taiwanese dishes. I wish I could say that I’m an excellent cook of Taiwanese and Chinese food as well, but unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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