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Reusable Snack Bags

A while back, my friend Chantel, the talented designer and artist behind the Etsy shop MySunshineDesigns, sent me a few of her eco-friendly reusable snack bags. She’s also a mom to a six-year-old who enjoys thinking of fun ways to present healthy food to her child, so she figured I’d enjoy some new gear for my snack-packing arsenal. Chantel sent me two medium and two small bags:


I liked these handmade bags so much that I decided to write about them! I know reusable snack bags are available at many stores now, but I love the fact that these are handmade by a fellow mom. They are extremely well-made, too. The kids were so excited when I opened up the package. They loved the fun fabrics, which feel durable (the inside is lined with nylon that’s water- and stain-resistant). The velcro closure across the top is easy for eager little hands to rip open, yet enforced well enough to prevent tearing the entire pouch.

The small ($6) is the perfect size to hold wedges from two little clementine oranges:


They’d also be a great size for a couple of handfuls of Goldfish or pretzels, or a string cheese and a little package of raisins (or bunch of grapes). Derek wanted to use one of the medium ones ($7) to hold a prized Lego set, and it was terrific for that!


I think I’ll commandeer the other medium one to keep my cosmetic essentials (chapstick, lip gloss, oil blotting sheets, a small container of hand cream) from rolling around in my purse. But, you could also use the medium bags for a sandwich or a snack for someone with a larger appetite. It’d also be a cute way to “wrap” a gift. Chantel has large bags available at MySunshineDesigns, also. She has a ton of fabric choices, so you can customize your bag to your (or your kids’) preferences. The bags are machine-washable.

To see all the MySunshineDesign products, click here. (And, for those of you who didn’t know, anytime you see a word in bold on my blog posts, it’s a link!) Through December 31, you can enter the code “saucy10” for 10% off your purchase. (Thanks for the discount, Chantel!)


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