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First Week of School!

Jack and Derek both started school this week. Derek headed to his last year of preschool on Tuesday, and Jack starts first grade (wha-what?? When did my baby turn into a big kid?) today. That means I’m back in the snack- and lunch-making (and blogging) business!

I usually have Derek stay at school for lunch once or twice a week. Yesterday, he stayed to eat with his school BFF, and I packed his PlanetBox with a bear-shaped PB&J (made with this cool sandwich sealer … it’s like a cute Uncrustable!), homemade whole wheat cheddar cheese crackers, baby carrots, strawberries, and a Hershey’s kiss.


For Jack’s first day of school today, I’m sending him with a snack of strawberries, white peaches, and a mango nougat candy:


Lunch is two roast beef sandwiches on crescent rolls, grape tomatoes, homemade whole wheat cheddar cheese crackers, a Babybel with “1” cut out of it (both for first day of school and for first grade), white peaches (the other half of the one I cut up for snack), and a macadamia nut Hershey’s kiss.


And because there are a ton of things I want/need to get done today, the first day since early July that both boys have been away from me at the same time, I’m also having Derek stay at school for lunch. He loved the bear sandwich so much that he asked for two. This lunch, featuring “brown bear” and “polar bear” (Derek’s words!), is packed in an EasyLunchbox:


The bear sandwiches both have PB&J in them. I need to figure out the right amount of filling to put in them, because it’s a bit creepy to have jam leaking out of the bear’s “eye.” Ha! Sadly, it also looks as though the mold doesn’t work as well on wheat bread, but anyway, Derek loves it and says he can’t wait to eat it.

I hope everyone’s having a great back-to-school season thus far!


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5 thoughts on “First Week of School!

  1. Awesome ideas!! Where can I find this bear sandwich sealer? I love it!!

    Posted by Sheena | September 6, 2013, 7:31 am
  2. I’m so jealous! You are able to send peanut butter with your kiddos lunches? I gapped in a morning haze of before coffee and put almonds in Claire’s lunch as a snack, then got a letter sent home saying that they don’t allow nuts of any kind in the school. Oh, and sent a sheet of “nut free alternatives” for lunch box ideas.

    Ooops. :p

    Posted by Tiffany | September 9, 2013, 7:41 pm
    • Aww!! Yes, many schools are nut-free now. In our district, they have the kindergarteners who are allergic to nuts sit at a different table, monitored by teachers. Jack says that this year, his friend who has a nut allergy can sit with the other kids. Not sure if that’s true or just based on one fluke lunch time.

      Posted by Saucy Mommy | September 10, 2013, 11:02 pm

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