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I’m Baaaaack!

Hi, everyone! I’m back from my summer blogging hiatus. We spent a lovely month with my in-laws at their beautiful Michigan home. The boys swam in Crystal Lake, attempted to skip stones on the shores of Lake Michigan, hiked through the woods, and ate ice cream just about every day. Johnny and I enjoyed quality time with his parents and our Michigan friends. Now we’re ready to face back-to-school season. Luckily, we have almost three weeks until school starts, so the boys have plenty of time to get situated back at home before starting first grade (EEEEK!) and the last year of preschool.

This week, both boys are in day camp. Jack’s is a full-day camp, so he’ll need to bring snack and lunch each day; Derek’s gets out at noon, so he only needs a snack. What a perfect opportunity for me to get back to blogging! I usually do an end-of-week lunch/snack round-up post, but in honor of the end of my break, I decided to post today’s snacks and lunch by themselves.

For snack, each boy brought a container of frozen grapes.


For lunch, Jack brought his PlanetBox, filled with two roast beef sandwiches on Hawaiian bread, light saber cupcake picks threaded with grape tomatoes, slices of green pepper, Goldfish and parmesan star crackers, and pitted cherries (a little reminder of Michigan’s famous cherries). His treat is a whistle candy that we brought back from Taiwan (if you hold the candy between your front teeth and blow, it makes a whistling sound).


I’ll have at least one more update this week — the rest of the lunches will be in a round-up post for sure, and I’m also hoping to try a sautéed kale, seasoned ground turkey, and tomatoes dish. Yum!


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