TGIF! Lunch Round-Up For 2/4 – 2/8

Here’s what the boys brought for lunch this week:

Monday, Jack requested the same lunch I’d packed for Derek the previous Friday, so I made him a very similar picnic lunch, packed in our PlanetBox: Ritz crackers, salami threaded on a cupcake pick, cheddar cheese, yellow cherry tomatoes, Pirate Booty, fruit, and a Hershey’s Kiss for a treat.


Tuesday, I made a heart-shaped Nutella and banana slices sandwich on whole wheat bread, then packed it in an EasyLunchbox with yellow cherry tomatoes and strawberries, and an Oreo cake pop with the stick removed (I had a few left over from an order I fulfilled over the weekend).


Wednesday’s lunch, packed in our PlanetBox, was my masterpiece this week. The boys both love Spam musubi, and Jack asked me if I could make him “Spam sushi” sometime. I surprised him with this:


I made the rolls and the bear and heart with some sushi and rice molds from Daiso (a Japanese $1.50 store), and I used my nori punches for the facial expressions. The bear and heart also have Spam inside. Grape tomatoes, heart-shaped cucumber slices, Goldfish, berries, and a few jellybeans completed the meal. I actually packed Derek the exact same lunch in his PlanetBox because I needed him to stay at school for lunch on Wednesday (so I could go with my sister and her fiance to a tasting for their upcoming wedding reception). Both of the boys’ lunch boxes came home that day completely empty! Usually there are one or two bites of food left, but not on Wednesday.

Thursday, Jack brought leftover chicken and vegetable curry rice and a banana.


Today, Jack’s buying lunch at school, but Derek wanted to stay for lunch at preschool, so I packed him a heart-shaped PB&J, Snapea crisps and honeydew chunks in an EasyLunchbox.


All the lunches this week were packed in under 10 minutes (except for Wednesday’s! I’ll admit that that took half an hour, but it’s not often that I go to such lengths), so trust me when I say that making cute lunches doesn’t have to take a huge chunk of time. 🙂

I hope everyone has terrific weekends. We’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year with my family. For all my readers who also celebrate CNY, 新年快樂!恭喜發財! (And for all the unmarried ones, 紅包拿來!Enjoy those 紅包 while you can! ;))


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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.


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