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TGIF! Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 1/14-1/18

As you’ll see, this week (after Monday) I fully embraced Valentine’s Day in packing lunches and snacks.

Jack’s lunch on Monday was two dinosaur PB&Js, clementines, and pears. I’m forgetting what snack was, but apparently it was something not worth photographing. 😉


Tuesday’s snack was apple and blueberry kabobs on Valentine’s Day skewers.


Lunch was, by request, a salad and some Pirate Booty. There’s ranch dressing in the little container.


Wednesday, Jack brought some veggie straws for a snack, and lunch was sandwich kabobs (I made a ham, cheese and cucumber sandwich, then cut it into squares and threaded the squares on fun skewers), clementine wedges, and apples.


Thursday’s lunch was a PB&J made with one piece of wheat and one piece of white bread. I cut little hearts out of the sandwich, then flipped the hearts over and inserted them back into the sandwich. I also put pretzels and one of the strawberry lovebugs into the lunch as a treat.


Today, Jack brought some strawberry yogurt for a snack, and he’ll be buying lunch at school, as per usual. Derek will be staying for lunch, though, and he was seriously excited to bring his new PlanetBox lunch box. After hearing so many awesome things about PlanetBox products (durable stainless steel bento boxes and carrying bags), I decided to bite the bullet and purchase two sets (one for each kid) as a Christmas gift to myself. (Yes, I know it’s lame to get excited about the kids’ lunch gear, but I can’t help it!) I’m so glad I did — I loved filling the little compartments. I packed a heart-shaped PB&J (I used one piece of wheat and one piece of white bread, cut three differently-sized heart shapes out of each piece of bread, then transposed the two colors to create the effect. For this sandwich, I cut the bread first, assembled the two sides, and then spread the filling. Otherwise, it would have gotten messy), cantaloupe chunks, blueberries, baby carrots, heart-shaped cucumber slices (I learned how to cut cucumber and whole carrots into heart shapes here), ranch dip in the little container, and a few M&Ms as a treat.


Even if I hadn’t done any of the cutesy stuff, the lunch would still have been attractive because of all the compartments. I highly recommend PlanetBox! It’s pricey, but it is a very well-made lunch box. You should have seen how thrilled the boys were when the boxes came! Jack can’t wait to take his on Monday. People ask me all the time if I ever feel like making cute lunches is a waste of time because kids “don’t appreciate it,” but a) it really doesn’t take that much time — most days, I spend maybe 15 minutes on it, and b) I think they do appreciate it, as evidenced by how delighted they are whenever I come up with something new or purchase lunch-making gear. Not that I’m saying making cute lunches is a must (it is definitely not), but it is something that I enjoy doing, and it brings a smile to my kids’ faces. It stings a bit when people insinuate that it’s silly or a waste of time. At the end of the day, it’s a hobby for me — it’s not any less worthwhile than, say, gardening or knitting.

OK, I’m not sure how I got on that tangent, but PlanetBox gets a thumbs-up from us. 🙂 I hope everyone has great weekends!

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2 thoughts on “TGIF! Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 1/14-1/18

  1. I never thought your lunch boxes were silly or a waste of time, what I always wondered is do your kids ever finish the food? Our boys are around the same age and I can’t see them eating half the lunchbox!

    Btw, I enjoy reading every single one of your posts, even though I don’t always comment, I’ve tried your lunch packing ideas and some of your recipes! 😃

    Posted by Tina | January 19, 2013, 8:35 pm
    • Thank you, Tina! You are always so supportive. It’s actually more strangers who make those types of comments. And yes, the boys finish the food most days. Surprisingly, Derek is the one who always polishes off his lunch box when he stays for lunch at preschool. Most days, Jack has maybe one or two bites left in his lunch box (no consistent pattern as to which food has the leftovers — although it’s usually not the fruit course). When something is only half eaten, that’s my clue that he doesn’t like it very much! LOL.

      Posted by Saucy Mommy | January 20, 2013, 5:44 pm

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