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TGIF! Snack and Lunch Round-Up for 1/7-1/11

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, filled with fun times with family and friends.

I took a nice, long break from blogging during the boys’ winter break. We went to Zion National Park with my in-laws over Christmas and had a fantastic time soaking in the gorgeous scenery. Then it was back to SoCal for the latter half of break. School started up this Monday, so I’m back to making (and taking pictures of) snacks and lunches. Here’s what was in this week’s lunch bags:

Jack brought a fruit salad for snack on Monday.


I made two lunches on Monday because Derek also stayed at school for lunch that day. I decided to make a New Years-themed sandwich. Using number cutters, I cut out “2013” in a piece of white bread and a piece of wheat bread, then switched the numbers to make these PB&Js (packed in an EasyLunchbox):

IMG_2591Cucumbers, carrots, and Goldfish rounded out the lunch.

Tuesday, Jack asked for a salad — he’s been on a salad kick ever since my brother-in-law made him a delicious one over the break. He requested cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and bacon. I put some ranch dressing in the little blue container (I found the “joyful pig” to be hilarious. I doubt he’s joyful, since his compatriots, in the form of bacon, are surrounding him. Haha).


Jack’s side dishes that day were a Babybel cheese, a hard-boiled egg shaped like a fish, a homemade blueberry mini muffin, and a few pieces of candy left over from a baby shower I had attended over the weekend. Here’s a close-up of the “fish egg”:


Snack on Tuesday was a container of yogurt, so I didn’t take a picture of it.

Wednesday’s snack was a “berry delicious” fruit salad (get it? Get it?).


Lunch was a sort of picnic theme — fruit, crackers, Babybel cheese, cut-up pickles, and roast beef slices.


Thursday’s snack was yogurt again, so no picture. I got Jack from school early to pick up Johnny from the airport, so he didn’t bring a lunch. Today, he’s buying lunch at school, but his snack was strawberries and Pirate’s Booty:


It’s not too early to pull out the Valentine’s Day lunch-making supplies, right? 😉

I hope everyone’s had a great start to the New Year! I’m looking forward to writing lots of fun posts and trying out delicious new recipes this year. Thank you so much for reading my blog!

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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.



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