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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 11/12-11/16

Yet another whirlwind week! I’m eagerly anticipating Thanksgiving — I won’t need to run around in the mornings like a chicken with my head cut off! (Of course, I’m also looking forward to time with family and friends. ;)) I do everything I can do be prepared for the morning rush — lunches and snacks are made the night before, outfits are laid out, the next day’s schedule is reviewed — but no matter what, the last 20 minutes before we need to leave are always a mess. I’m sure it’s the same in all households with young children. If it’s not like that at your house, please don’t tell me, or else I’ll hate you. (Kidding!) It’s all good; at least the kids are young enough where they’re excited to go to school and are happy to be rushing out the door.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: contents of snack and lunch boxes! Monday was Veteran’s Day, so no food or lunch pictures.

Tuesday’s snack was apple “fries” (what the boys call apples cut into little sticks) and veggie straws.

Lunch was a roast beef and cucumber sandwich on a bagel, with a pickle and grape tomatoes on the side, and cantaloupe for dessert.

Tuesday’s snack was veggie straws, Tillamook cheddar cheese, and honeydew.

I could have sworn I took a picture of his Star Wars PB&Js on Wednesday, but I guess not!

On Thursday, I sent Jack with a yogurt parfait for snack.

Thursday’s lunch was two roast beef sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls with cheese cutouts on top, apple wedges, and dried mango.

Today’s snack is half a banana, persimmon wedges, and some savory/sweet Chinese rice crackers.

Jack’s buying lunch today, so no pictures of that. And that rounds out our week. I hope everyone has a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend!


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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.


2 thoughts on “TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 11/12-11/16

  1. these are really great looking lunches. =) and I really enjoy looking at them from week to week. Believe it or not, one day your lunches will bring me back many memories too~ haha

    And it’s really great to know that when you guys head out the door in the mornings it’s crazy as well. I really thought it was just me that couldn’t get it together. And I also try to get everything ready the night before, except on days I pass out before getting any of those things done.

    Thank you for sharing ~ from your kids, to your life~~ and everything you pack for them. I. love. it.

    Posted by wa | November 18, 2012, 10:30 am

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