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Adorable Oreo Turkeys

Recently, I was looking for a cute, fun Thanksgiving treat to make for the kids. You all know I’m a fan of cake pops, but since I’m going to do the reindeer ones again for Christmas, I wanted to do something a bit easier. I decided on these adorable Oreo turkeys from Our Best Bites. I’ve seen these floating around Pinterest and some friends’ Facebook pages, and although I’m not good with precision work, I thought I could handle these.

After a first attempt that yielded a mutant turkey, I got the hang of it, and I really enjoyed making these Oreo turkeys! There’s no baking or melting involved, and you can get all of the materials at the grocery store (if you hurry, you can even get the candy corn on huge clearance from the post-Halloween sales). This is a fun one to do with kids, too. Admittedly, these look cuter than they taste (the double-stuf Oreos, the peanut butter cups, the candy corn, the frosting, the Whopper … they all just add up to something way too sweet for my taste, and I’d advise giving a child just one, unless you want him or her bouncing off the walls for hours!), but I know the boys and my niece will just go ga-ga over their special Thanksgiving treats. I also like the idea (in the original post over on Our Best Bites) about using these as edible place settings for your Thanksgiving table.

Oreo Turkeys from Our Best Bites


  • Double-Stuf Oreos (the regular kind won’t be thick enough in the middle to insert the candy corn “feathers”)
  • Chocolate or white cookie frosting, the kind that comes in a squeezable tube (chocolate is preferred because then it blends in with the Oreo, but my store was out, so I got white)
  • Candy corn
  • Yellow icing*
  • Red icing*
  • Mini peanut butter cups
  • Whoppers
  • Chocolate sprinkles or mini chocolate chips

* I got a box of four tiny “writing” icing tubes in the baking aisle that included yellow and red. The small tips on those help with the drawing.


Squeeze some frosting (white or chocolate) over about a third of the cream filling on one Oreo.

Insert five candy corn, white tips down, gently into the frosting, pressing a bit into the actual filling. Be careful not to press too hard, or you’ll crack the cookie.

Lay another Oreo cookie flat. Dab a bit of frosting onto the other end of the cookie you’ve just inserted the candy corn into (try to make the dab line up with the third candy corn), then stick the cookie onto the flat Oreo, near the edge.

It helps to place the Oreos up against a wall at this point so that the “feathered” one doesn’t flop over. Leave the cookies alone to dry for a few minutes. You can use this time to feather and stick another set of Oreos.

Once the two Oreos have set, take a peanut butter cup, place it upside-down, and cut a small sliver off of it. (Miracle of miracles, I managed to stop myself from eating the sliver!)

Dab a bit of frosting onto the cut side and to the big flat side (originally, the top side of the peanut butter cup), then stick it onto the “feathered” Oreo like so:

Let the peanut butter cup and cookies set for a few minutes while you stick the peanut butter cup bodies onto the other turkeys you’re making. Then, when the peanut butter cup is stuck pretty well to the cookies, dab frosting on two adjacent sides of a Whopper, and stick it above the peanut butter cup for the turkey’s head.

To prevent the head from rolling off while the frosting is hardening, it may help to flip the turkeys over before you stick the head on:

Let the Whopper rest for a few minutes. While the head is resting, cut the white tips off some candy corn. These will be the turkey’s beaks.

Stick the beaks onto the Whopper head while the cookies are still flipped over.

Once the frosting has set, flip the turkeys right side up. Use the yellow icing to dab two eyes on the face. Set a chocolate sprinkle or mini chocolate chip in the middle of each dot.

Use red icing to draw a wattle. Or, in my case, a red blob.

Finally, use yellow icing to draw feet. Bonus if you can actually make the talons, but I’m not that talented!

Let the turkey dry, then display or serve!

These also make a cute little edible gift. Just slip them inside a 4″x6″ treat bag, then tie the bag closed with some ribbon.



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