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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 11/5-11/9

What a crazy week it was! I’m not sure where my brain went, but I forgot to take pictures of Jack’s lunch and snack half the time … oops! Here’s what I did manage to record:

Monday, Jack brought a package of two savory/sweet rice crackers (oh my lord, I was addicted to those as a kid, and even now, if I get started, I can’t stop until I finish an entire bag!) and some persimmon wedges from the persimmon tree in my mom’s backyard.

For lunch, he requested Spam sushi. I rounded out the meal with cut-up bell pepper strips and a side of fruit.

Tuesday, I forgot to take any pictures because we were all rushing out the door to drop off Jack, then head to his school cafeteria to vote. In all the excitement, documenting Jack’s lunch and snack took a backseat! I wish I could say that I made him a patriotic-themed lunch, but alas, it was just a normal (but still cute!) lunch. Hmm, I suppose since there’s no picture, I could say that I went all out and made something like this, and you’d all have to believe me. 😉

Wednesday’s snack was graham cracker sandwiches (made by spreading cream cheese and strawberry jam between graham crackers) and tangerines.

Lunch was homemade chicken noodle soup, with a side dish container that held one Hawaiian roll, a Babybel cheese, and persimmon wedges.

Thursday’s snack was, by request, an apple, so I didn’t take a picture of that. Lunch was two roast beef-on-Hawaiian-roll sandwiches, veggies, Snapea Crisps, and persimmons (my mom’s tree went gangbusters — I collected more than 60 from her tree!) in an EasyLunchbox.

Today’s snack was Asian pear wedges and a tangerine, and Jack bought lunch today, as is his wont on Fridays. I’ll be back on track with the pics next week!


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