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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 10/22-10/26

Another busy, busy week! Here’s what I made for lunches and snacks this week:

Monday’s snack was Halloween pretzels and apple slices:

Lunch, packed in an EasyLunchbox, was some leftover slow cooker ribs from the night before, Ritz crackers, steamed broccoli, grapes, tangerine wedges and a Babybel cheese (I used a mini acorn cookie cutter to cut the shape out of the wax — just press it down into the wax, remove the cutter, and voila! Cute Babybel cheese).

Tuesday’s snack was plain lowfat yogurt swirled with homemade strawberry jam, with some Honey Bunches of Oats on the side for sprinkling on top of the yogurt at snack time.

Lunch was two ghost roast beef sandwiches, cucumber sticks, and another Babybel cheese. I also included plum wedges.

Wednesday, I sent Jack with some chicken curry with brown rice, and a side of tangerines, arranged to look like a flower, with a grape in the center.

Thursday’s lunch was Ritz crackers, rolled-up lunch meat, half a banana, cubes of mozzarella cheese on Halloween cupcake picks, and two Milano cookies for a treat. In other words, the “Mommy has no time and the fridge is almost empty” lunch. 😉

Today, Jack’s buying lunch, but I sent Derek to preschool with lunch. He’s very into pretending to be Yoda right now (he insists that we call him “Master Yoda” instead of Derek sometimes!), so I made him a semi-Star Wars themed lunch:

He’s got two Yoda PB&Js (made with Star Wars cookie cutters), rolled-up lunch meat on light saber cupcake picks, cucumber sticks (maybe those are green light sabers?), Cheez-Its, and plum wedges.

Happy weekend, all!


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