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TGIF! Lunch and Snack Round-Up for 10/1-10/5

Now that it’s October, I can use my Halloween- and autumn-themed cookie cutters with impunity! Wow, that sounded really dorky, but since it doesn’t look or feel like fall (temps are still unbearably high), I have to get my fill of the season elsewhere, and lunch-making is as good a place as any. Here’s what I packed this week.

Monday’s snack box contained mini peanut butter cracker sandwiches, apple wedges and tangerine wedges. We went apple-picking with my friend Jenn and her family on Sunday, so these apples were from the orchard we visited! It was such a great day, and the kids have loved munching on apples all this week.

Jack’s lunch that day consisted of leftovers from Sunday’s apple-picking picnic, packed in an EasyLunchbox:

The big compartment has salami and prosciutto roll-ups, cut-up veggies, and potato salad. (Gotta love reusable silicone muffin cups and side dish containers for separating food!) The smaller compartments hold Ritz crackers and more apples from our trip.

Tuesday, Jack brought a smoothie and Goldfish for snack, so I didn’t take a picture of that. His lunch that day was packed in his Old Navy two-tier bento box:

The shallower top tier held PB&Js cut into a ghost shape and autumn leaf shapes. I filled in the awkward empty space left in the tier with Ritz crackers. (I was in a hurry that morning; couldn’t really think of anything better, and the pantry and fridge were both running on empty.)

The bottom tier had the last of the potato salad from Sunday, a muffin cup of cut-up golden kiwi, and cubes of the yummy pumpkin loaf Jenn made for my birthday, threaded onto jack-o-lantern cupcake picks.

Wednesday, Jack brought grape tomatoes and Goldfish for a snack.

Lunch was yet another ghost sandwich, but this time, it was roast beef, not PB&J, and I stole an idea from my friend Tomomi: cut the same shape out of a slice of cheese and lay it on top of the sandwich to make the shape clearer. Genius! This also meant I could draw on the ghost with my Americolor food writers. And, another idea from Tomomi: put the sandwich on top of some grapes. Awkward empty space issue solved! Plus, Jack loves grapes. And yes, I know it doesn’t really matter if there’s empty space, but it makes me happy to see all the space used up, and with delicious, healthy fruit, no less. The smaller compartments had golden kiwi and the last of the pumpkin loaf.

Thursday’s snack was two apples from the orchard and a pack of roasted seaweed (Jack’s obsessed with those lately. For a while, he wasn’t into seaweed, and I was secretly thinking, “But you’re half-Asian! Don’t turn your back on your heritage!” 😉 Turns out, I needn’t have worried. Ha!). Lunch was leftover Italian sausage, spinach and pasta shell soup in a Thermos, plus a container of grapes and golden kiwi. Try as I might, I couldn’t get a flattering photo of the soup in the Thermos, so I gave up.

Jack’s buying lunch at school today, as he’s chosen to do each Friday, but Derek’s staying at school for lunch for the third Friday in a row! I can’t get over how much he loves doing this. The past three Thursdays, he’s excitedly bounded into the kitchen to remind me to make him a big boy lunch for school, and on Friday mornings, he shows off his lunch to Jack and Johnny before school. It’s so cute. He really loved Jack’s ghost sandwich atop grapes lunch, so I made him a similar one:

Derek has a jack-o-lantern shaped roast beef sandwich (with a slice of cheese that’s decorated with food markers on top) on a bed of grapes, two garden tomatoes (cut up), and one slice of cake from dessert last night threaded onto Halloween cupcake picks.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We’re laying low for most of this weekend. Jack and I are very excited to make our first batch of pumpkin bread (if you haven’t tried that recipe yet, you must!) for the season. I love that he is so excited to help me bake!

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