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Let’s Do Lunch: Day Camp Round-Up

I’m happy to report that Jack had a great time at his first day camp experience this week. He made a new friend, a boy who is going into second grade at (coincidentally) the same school Jack’s going to. I’m thrilled that he had so much fun! Derek and I had some good bonding time this week, too, and of course, I loved making snacks and lunches each day. I shared the snacks and lunch from Jack’s first day of camp on Monday; here are the pictures from the rest of the week.


Snack was pita chips and a cup of Craisins, packed into a container I got at Daiso:

Jack requested a “small lunch,” so I packed him two Hawaiian rolls with roast beef and a few grapes (sandwiches and grapes separated by reusable silicone baran sheets):


Wednesday’s lunch was packed in a two-tier box from Old Navy. The top tier had diced cantaloupe. The bottom tier had a cup of cut-up pineapple and bacon chicken sausage (left over from dinner on Tuesday night), steamed broccoli and a hard-boiled egg molded into the shape of a car.

Close-up of the bottom tier:

Jack just wanted honey wheat pretzel sticks for snack, so I didn’t take a picture of those.


Yesterday, I sent Jack with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into quarters and threaded on to Star Wars light saber cupcake picks, with grapes filling in the empty spaces around the sandwiches. He also got cut-up strawberries, and for a treat, graham cracker sandwiches (homemade with cream cheese and jelly filling). This was packed in an EasyLunchbox.


Today, Jack requested PB&J dino sandwiches, with grapes on light saber picks, and some ham, also on light saber picks. I honored that request, and rounded out the lunch with wedges of dapple plum and some rainbow-colored Goldfish.

For snack, Jack took a container of the homemade graham cracker sandwiches with cream cheese and jelly filling.

This weekend, aside from spending time with family and friends, I’ll be thinking up some more snack and lunch ideas for school! Jack starts next Thursday; we’re all very excited. Have a great long weekend, U.S. readers!

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One thought on “Let’s Do Lunch: Day Camp Round-Up

  1. Those Graham cracker sandwiches look delicious!

    Posted by Tania | September 2, 2012, 4:22 pm

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