Ice Cream Cone Surprise

A few months ago, my sister, June, texted me a picture of a chocolate cupcake baked in an ice cream cone, knowing it was exactly the type of thing I’d make. I fell in love with the idea — an edible cupcake liner! Cake hidden in a cone! Ice cream and cake in one! When I made the Oreo cake last week, I saw a recipe for cupcake cones on the cake mix box and took it as a sign that I had to make them right away. So, these were my afternoon project today.

These cupcake cones are super easy and fun to make, especially if you use a box mix, like I did. Initially, I was worried that the cones would burn to a crisp, but surprisingly, they didn’t even appear to get toasted. In fact, I would say I had the opposite issue — the cones lost their crunch. They weren’t soggy, but they were a bit chewy. It wasn’t a question of freshness, either (these were from a brand-new box, and they were crunchy before baking). Anyway, it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me because I feel like the primary purpose of these cupcake cones are to give kids a delightful surprise, not to impress foodie adults. 😉 Besides, how could you go wrong with a cake-filled cone topped with ice cream?

Ice Cream Cone Surprise

Makes 24 cones


  • 24 cake cones (sold near the ice cream at most grocery stores)
  • Your favorite cupcake recipe (or cake mix; once again, I used Pillsbury Moist Supreme Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake Mix) and the ingredients required to make it
  • Ice cream, any flavor
  • Muffin pan or rimmed baking sheet


Mix up your cake batter. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Fill each cone with three tablespoons of batter (approximately 2/3 full). Don’t over-fill the cones! Place the cones into a muffin pan or onto a baking sheet.

Bake the cones for 25-28 minutes, or however long you’d usually bake cupcakes. Remove the pan from the oven, transfer the cones onto a wire rack, and cool completely. If necessary, repeat the process until you’ve used up the batter/cones.

When you’re ready to serve, simply scoop some ice cream on top!

The Pillsbury box had other adorable ideas for these cupcake cones, too — like decorating the top with frosting instead of ice cream, or creating a garden scene with gummy worms and frosting flowers (the chocolate cake would look like the “dirt”). The boys loved these; Jack was delighted by the prospect of finding cake “instead of nothing!” in the cone. I think these would be fantastic at kids’ birthday parties. You can bake them up and store them a day or two ahead of the party; then, at party time, just scoop ice cream on top, and voila! No need for plates or forks at cake time. (Yes, I’m all about the ease and convenience at kids’ parties.)

Regardless of the occasion (or lack of one), though, these are fun to make and sure to be a hit with the kids. Enjoy!


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