Let’s Do Lunch: Yay, Spring Break is Over!

Last week, Jack was on spring break. Having both boys around all day just about fried my brain, so much so that I couldn’t come up with any clever theme or title for this week’s lunch entry ;). Even though Jack’s only in preschool from 9 a.m. to noon each day, I guess I’ve gotten used to having only one child around for those three hours. We did plenty of fun activities and went on many outings, but by the end of the week, the boys, who normally get along wonderfully for two- and four-year-olds, were starting to bicker over the smallest things. When Derek got sick toward the end of the week, the whining, crying, screeching (from the kids, not from me … at least, not most of the time! Haha) reached a critical level. So, suffice to say that I — along with most other moms, I’m sure — am relieved that preschool is back in session. I consider myself a pretty competent person, but I guess spring break is my Achilles’ heel.

Anyway, that explains why today’s lunches are fairly lackluster in terms of cuteness. Jack’s is packed in an Easylunchbox:

In the main compartment, we have two Hawaiian roll sandwiches with roast beef, and a little silicone tray filled with slices of tea egg (my mom made tea eggs for us this weekend. They’re a traditional Chinese snack — hardboiled eggs that have been steeped in barely simmering tea and spices for 12 or more hours. Super yummy!). The smallest compartment contains baby carrots and grape tomatoes, and the bottom right hand compartment has strawberries and kiwis, with a little music pick for easy eating.

I don’t usually pack a lunch for Derek, since he’s not in preschool yet, but my mom will be watching him at mid-day tomorrow so I can get a haircut (yay!), so to make things a little easier for her, I made him a lunch in a two-tiered bento box from Old Navy:

The bigger bottom tier has two roast beef sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, grape tomatoes and baby carrots. The top tier has kiwi and strawberry slices.

Both boys are still big into their kiwi craze. I bought four last week, and they were gone two days later, all consumed by Jack and Derek. When I took Derek grocery shopping yesterday morning, he started screaming, “KIWI! GET THE KIWI!” at top volume as soon as we entered the produce section. I bought six, and we’re down to two already. Yikes! Guess I should stop typing and get on to the store to buy more. šŸ™‚

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