Let’s Do Lunch: The Ides of March

OK, so this lunch has nothing to do with the Ides of March, but I didn’t have a theme for it, and it is the Ides of March, so I figured that would make a more interesting title than simply “Bento Box for March 15, 2012.” 😉

Today, I got to play around with some of the new lunch equipment I bought at Daiso over the weekend — a new two-tiered lunch box and a fun transportation-themed sandwich cutter (makes four vehicles from one sandwich).

The deeper, green tier has a fruit salad consisting of strawberries, grapes and apples, and a heart-shaped side dish container (also from Daiso) filled with Goldfish. The shallower blue tier holds three transportation-themed PB&Js: a boat, a police car, and a train (behind the boat). I ate the fourth sandwich, a truck with a piece of cargo on the back, because it wouldn’t fit. This job does come with the occasional perk, after all. 😉 For a protein boost, I also included half of a heart-shaped hard-boiled egg, molded with a heart-shaped egg mold.

How cute is this heart-shaped egg?

The box is so cute when it’s closed up that I wanted to take a picture of that, too. I put one of my new bento bands (with a shamrock on it! How timely) around it.

There's enough room between the cover and the lid of the first compartment to fit a little fork for Jack's fruit salad

By the way, do you notice how, for the products with links, the selling Web site has the product listed for more than $1.50?! LOVE the fact that there’s a Daiso near me now! $1.50 apiece, baby! OK, I’ll stop gloating now.

p.s. A happy birthday shout-out to Dave, who has one of the most memorable birthdays. Doesn’t get much better than to be born on the Ides of March (if you’re a Latin nerd, which I was for many years!).

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I'm Beverly, a mom of two who loves to cook and write. Check out my blog at for family-friendly (but tasty) meal ideas and pictures of bento box lunches.


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