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Nutella Crescent Cookies

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to whip up these cute little Nutella pie crust crescent cookies — flaky, chocolaty little bites of heaven. I saw the recipe on my friend Marci’s Pinterest board the other day (feel free to follow any or all of my Pinterest boards!), and I knew I would be making these in the near future. Ready-made pie crust + most perfect spread on earth + cute shape? I’m in!

These were every bit as easy and as delicious as I’d hoped. When warm, they’re flaky and to die for (yes, they’re worthy of italics and bold!), but they’re awesome when cool and crispy, too. I love that they’re teeny-tiny, so you don’t feel guilty eating, oh, 15 in one sitting. Thank you very much for pinning this, Marci!

Nutella Crescent Cookies

Makes 32 (tiny) cookies


  • One 9″ refrigerated pie crust (found near the biscuit tubes at the grocery store; almost always sold in a package of two)
  • Cinnamon sugar (either mix your own, or use a ready-made shaker)
  • Nutella (you won’t need much)
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

Unroll the pie crust. Cut the crust into 32 wedges. I won’t admit how long it took me to figure out how to cut the crust into 32 pieces. Finally, I figured out that if I cut it into quarters first, it’d be easier. Thank goodness I’m not a math tutor. 😉 I found a pizza cutter to be the fastest tool for this job.

A pizza cutter works well for cutting the crust into wedges

Crust, cut into 32 wedges

Spread nutella onto one side of each wedge of pie crust, then roll up the wedge, starting from the wide end. Place each rolled-up cookie onto the lined cookie sheet.

Rolled-up crescent cookies

When you’re finished, brush the top of each cookie with some melted butter, then sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon sugar. I actually used a (new, clean) baby medicine dropper to suck up some of the melted butter and squirt it onto the cookies — it was faster than using my huge pastry brush for these tiny cookies!

Ready to bake

Bake for 7-9 minutes, or until golden brown (I actually needed 11 or 12 minutes; ovens vary).

Fresh from the oven

Serve warm, or let cool and package up into treat bags to delight your friends or coworkers!

So cute! So delicious!

p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Nutella Crescent Cookies

  1. I haven’t made this recipe yet, but I made a variation on this over the weekend since I had 3 packages of crescent rolls in my fridge and no plan for them. I rolled them up with either nutella, cinnamon sugar, or mini chocolate chips and they were awesome. I did not add butter to them so I’m going to pretend that made them healthy (they weren’t – crescents have a lot of butter in them already). They came out great – the chocolate chip flavor was like a chocolate croissant. The cinnamon sugar ones were also really good. I felt like the nutella ones were good, but needed something. Ed did not want to mix cinnamon sugar and nutella but maybe some powdered sugar would’ve been nice? Not sure, but I will make them again. I also will definitely be trying the pie crust version at some point!

    Posted by Marci | February 14, 2012, 10:49 am

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